There is a growing number of artists in India who cannot

(or don't want to) be categorized solely into contemporary

illustration, fine art, graphic design or photography. They're

multi-disciplinary in their thought process and execution.

100%ZINE is a publication that recognizes graphic art that

is not created for a 'client', but for the artist himself/herself.

A different theme for each issue makes it an interesting

collection of diverse well crafted visual ideas, akin to a

curated exhibition in your hands. The purpose of this exercise

is to bring together work of artists from different backgrounds,

sensibilities and aesthetics in each issue under one common

theme. As editors and curators we play a small role of 'selecting'

the right artists for the theme and of course paying attention

to the design, production and distribution. It's a non-profit

initiative and we're very happy to have had the support of

some great talent so far.

100%ZINE is developing a unique voice in the field of visual

graphic art in India. Previous issues have featured artists 

from India, UK, America, Iceland, Argentina, Qatar, Japan,

Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Korea, Taiwan and Australia.

Utmost care is taken with regards to the design and production

quality of 100%ZINE. The large open spread size makes for a

delightful viewing experience and ideal to cut away and frame.



Sameer Kulavoor & Lokesh Karekar

Editors / Founders : 100%ZINE



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